Our Quality Policy


Pioneer Cement Plant is well managed by professionals in the cement filed. Stringent quality control procedures are applied for testing at every stage of production to achieve high quality cement.

ISO:9001:2015 for environmental protection


ISO:14001:2015 for environmental protection


ISO:45001:2018 for environmental protection




Work Instruction for Material Safety

Health Hazard information

Health Effects

Swallowed Mild corrosive action.

Eye Short-term exposure, irritating. Long-term exposure, irritating may cause inflammation of the cornea.

Skin Short-term exposure, irritating. Long-term exposure, wet cement, especially as an ingredient in plastic (unhardened) concrete, mortar or slurry, is slightly caustic and can dry the skin. There are also trace amounts on water-soluble hexavalent chromium present in cement (0-20ppm ) and in some individuals may cause allergic dermatitis.

Inhaled Short-term exposure, irritating. Long-term exposure may cause inflammation of lining of the respiratory system.

First AID

Swallowed Brush material from face and wash with copious amounts of clean water. Do not induce vomiting, give water containing sugar or milk to drink. Seek medical attention.

Skin Wash with clean running water. A shower may be required.

Eyes Immediately irrigate with copious amounts of clean running water for at least 15 minutes. Do not rub eyes. Seek medical attention.

Inhaled Move to fresh air, wash with water and seek medical attention if affects persist.

Advice to Doctor Contact a poisons information centre.

Precautions for use

Exposure Limits Cement is classified as an inert nuisance dust.

TLV 5mg/m3 for respirable dust and 10mg/m3 for total dust.

Wet cement, particularly in plastic (unhardened ) concrete, mortar or slurry, can dry the skin and cause alkali burns. Continued exposure to individuals who are allergic to chromium, may cause severe allergic dermatitis.

Ventilation Where practical, suitable means of dust collection / suppression should be applied as necessary to maintain acceptable air borne dust levels

Persons with a history of respiratory illness or reduced pulmonary function should avoid work places with high dust levels.

Personal Protection In dust environments, the use of filter masks as in AS1716, Class L (in accordance with AS1715) and tight fitting goggles is advised.

Use of impervious gloves, boots and clothing to protect the skin from contact with dust and wet cement is recommended. Barrier creams may also be used.

Following work with cement, a shower with soap and water is recommended.

Flammability Cement is non-combustible.

Safe handling information

Handling and Storage: Cement should be stored away from moisture, steam, acid or acid fumes, in containers / bags / ware house that prevent ingress of moisture as this will cause it to set and hardened in storage.

Concrete or steel bins and silos or plastic lined paper sacks are the most usual forms of storage.

Transportation is usually in bulk rail or road tankers, or in paper sacks & polypropylene bags.

Spills and Disposals: Spills may be cleaned up by any dry method such as, broom, shovel or vacuum device, with care taken to minimize dust evolution into the worker environment.

Clean up personnel should wear full cover clothing, gloves, boots, dust masks and goggles.

Carefully dispose of excess product and packaging by collecting for disposal as a trade waste in accordance with local authority guidelines.

Policy Statement

Chief Executive and Top management of Pioneer Cement is fully committed to constantly meet the expectations and needs of our customers and comply with all the applicable legal and regulatory requirement to produce high quality Cement as per International and Pakistan Cement Standards.

The Top Management also agrees to take all actions necessary to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System addressing risks and opportunities detected.  This Quality Policy establish the framework for setting and reviewing the organizational quality objectives by the Top Management.

Pioneer Cement Ltd. quality policy is based on the following principles:

  • Understanding the customers to offer a valuable solution meeting to their expectations and needs.
  • Encouraging the involvement of the entire organization in Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 through visible leadership and employee’s commitment.
  • Manage our activities systematically with a clear focus on interrelated processes, allowing us to be more efficient in achieving our quality objectives.
  • Maintaining a high level of innovation in products, applications and customer service in accordance with market developments.

The Chief Executive and Top management ensure that quality policy is communicated, understood and applied within the organization and is available at all levels of the company.

Brand of the Year 2006

Brand of the Year Awards 2006


Pioneer Cement Limited markets its product under the brand name of “Pioneer Cement” and because of its quality which meets rather exceeds the expectations of the consumers, has been awarded as winner of the “Brand of the Year Awards 2006” in cement sector in National Category.

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