Sulphate Resistant Cement

SRC is used where sulfate salts are present on the soil or in saline water. This cement has potential to resist the destructive attack of sulfates, especially in the foundations or the areas mostly subjected to sulfate attack.


SRC is designed to overcome the problem of sulfate attack by reducing its C3A content.

SRC must be used in:

A – All structures in or near the sea.
B – All underground structures where soils are rich in sulfate salts, especially in water logged and saline areas.

Pioneer SRC is highly effective for the purpose it is used because its C3A content is even less than 2.0 against max. permissible limit of 3.5 in British and Pakistan Standards.

That’s why, it is of no surprise when Pioneer SRC is demanded and used on Major Projects of National interest like Thal Greater Canal.

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